An unstoppable revolution of internet has started. Almost at every facet of lives, web technology is being invented and implemented to make our life simpler and easier. Developers around the world are seeking and establishing methods to improve existing web technologies or invent new ones for web application development. Let’s have a look at the things related to web application development.

The web is now at its best phase. It is ready and powerful to touch every aspect of human lives. Its accessibility is just not increasing in desktop computers but even on the mobile phone devices. Web application development is the development of application programs that reside on remote servers and are delivered to the user’s device over the Internet.

Here are the basic things to keep in mind while designing web applications:

  • The developer has to understand the need of the users. Developers need to understand the type of service to be offered through the application. The services offered by the web apps can be of 3 types:
    1. Business services.
    2. User services.
    3. Data services.
  • Developers also need to understand the budget of the application. There may be different segments of designing an app and thus budget should be planned accordingly. Planning the budget of a web app is as important as planning the app itself so that things can be kept on track.
  • The application should be designed, developed and deployed with the optimum use of technology and is supposed to be better than its previous versions. Also, it should carry all scopes of removal and addition of features and functions.
  • Security is a prime concern in the world of web and thus web-based apps are also expected to provide the utmost level of security to the data of end users. Nowadays people, who invest their money in buying products or services or billing online, want more security. So, the tools used for the transfer of money have to be absolutely secured in taking care of credentials. Better security also helps businesses win the loyalty of customers.

Following are the stages covered in the web application development process:

  1. Preparation of the project layout included with the direction, features and the focus.
  2. Planning of the whole project with its budget and customer expectations.
  3. The building of the project.
  4. Testing the stability of the project. After the testing of the project, it will be implemented and made available to users.

Above were the four stages of web application development. A web application cannot be said as user ready unless it undergoes all these stages. Going through these stages ensures that the application will serve the purpose it was made for. They help a business plan a better web application regardless of its size or the purposes it’s made for.

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