All love to download multimedia content to watch it on their free time. If those contents are allowed to download for free then its cheerful right? The vidmate downloading app is doing the same to make it useful to experience the real multimedia file watching experience.

What are the features?

When comes to the aspects of Vidmate there are plenty. Look at the below points to know one by one.

1. Faster download:

The most impressive and quite incredible thing about this app is that quick downloading speed. No matter about the resolution of the files it offers the same speed. At the same, it doesn’t look at the number of videos you start to download.

Though you choose all the media files in the HD quality this app will help you to get those content at the same speed. You can easily obtain the media contents you want.

2. Multiple downloads:

You know in the latest version of Vidmate you are allowed to download three to four media files. This process is possible to enable in a row. You don’t want to wait for a while. Since the downloading process will complete in a faster way.

3. Choosing quality and format:

When comes to download media files you only get satisfies if you download it in your likely quality right? That is why this app lets users pick their required quality and format. There is much more quality available in the app such as 320p, 480p, 1080p, and many more.

As like formats like avi, mp3, mp4 and so on. You are allowed to choose any of the quality and format according to your choice. At the same when you choose to download any number of contents this option is reachable.

4. Time filter:

You used to watch any videos and movies frequently ads and popups make you feel awe. Those things are totally away from this app. You never get disturbed by means of such things.

Since the app has a feature called “time filter” it will completely remove the ads and popups from the contents. So, as a result, you won’t get any ads and popups in between the contents.

5. Securing contents:

The latest version of this app is provided with an aspect called a passcode. Using this passcode you are allowed to save the downloaded contents from the eyes of others.

When you choose to watch the downloaded content only you will be permitted to watch after providing the passcode. This is what the specialty of the passcode. Thus none of the users watch the content other than you that too if you offer the passcode.

6. Sharing videos:

If your friend has this app then sending and receiving videos aren’t a matter at all. Just by opening the Wi-Fi option you all set to send and receive the multimedia contents.

Your sender or receiver come into the sharing network then you can easily do the process. But you have to make sure whether your friend has vidmate downloading app or not.