The year 2018 has been one of the exciting years with respect to web design services. The way one can think or imagine to summarize the year is with a famous quotation from one of the favorite and people’s famous show, The Office: In the final series, the character Andy tells, I desire there was the only way to get to know how good you are in the old days before you have left them actually.”

So, for you, I am providing you the tips and tricks which we are actually going through in few of the exciting most times in the world of web design services.

In the past year, we have gone through the time of technological advancement which very powerfully aids us to connect in a better way with the new styles, with the users and propels the boundaries further, and a sturdy focus on accessibility guidelines and documentation to custom web design some more accessible and more consistent as an environment to everyone in the world.

With too many developments, it is crucial to curtail down and take some firm look at what are the particular trends for custom web design that will glue around and what new stuff we can foresee to look forward in the year 2019. (If you are thinking or planning about redesigning of a website, you are in difficult circumstance as you have to consider too many things now).

Below are few of the attractive and notable things we can forecast in the field of custom web design services to see in this year 2019.

1. Flat Design

Minimalist design or a flat design approach for custom web design services which has a feature to use the open and clean space and bright colors with two-dimensional simple illustrations. This manner of design kicked off as yet another trend, but over one or one and a half year, it has grown rapidly and has the become yardstick for any type of web design.

The increase of flat web design can be categorized or attributed to the need for websites which are for fast-loading which give users great and enjoyable experience of browsing both on mobile and on a desktop. Flat web design mainly depends on simple or basic illustrations that are much-minimized date-heavy as compared to sites which use an image of large size or visuals which are heavy. This means that a much faster loading time overall.

A site of this style is also given preference to many of the users who have the perspective of UX. Reducing the non-important parts and the clutter type of a web design which helps users to get their focus on the relevant and crucial parts and design it easier and comfortable to navigate.

A platform for app development called zero code utilizes flat design for their website design to show users with a clean as well as friendly appearance. An epic utilization of bright colors in most of the hero illustration grab the attention of most of the users while at the same time communicating to the users about what does a company do.

2. Animated GIF

A user of today’s generation is living in a mindset of gratification which is instant when we talk about finding the important information which the users are looking for. It simply means we as designers have only a narrow window in relation to time while remaining entertaining and engaging.

A further bonus is that they too work on the majority of the browsers and other mobile devices making them easily accessible to each and every one. It also suggests that we have a small window to grab their focus and give them what they really are searching for. This is the point where the role of animated GIFs come into play. Because GIFs can spread ideas which are complex and also in a few seconds of time.

If we imagine Carlens, an app of car identification utilizes an animated GIF if we talk about the hero section to sharply display the information type you can easily find about any app of a car using. The GIF there is captivating and facilitate users to create interest to learn further.

3. Machine learning and Conversational bots

Last year, there was much hype of increase in conversational bots and websites based on machine learning. Since then, bots chatting has become the second nature. We have come across humongous advancements in the field of artificial intelligence in addition to capabilities of the bots.

While we watch it almost every day where Google provides us auto-suggestion and when Facebook inquire us whether we want to get ourselves tagged in any of a certain photo.

Many organizations are realizing the benefits of what bots can usher to their company. For example:

  • Much of the convenience by providing users immediate responses while filtering them on the basis of contact regarding their issues.
  • Improved efficiency and effectivity by permitting for time-saving and easier transitions among the cases.

4. White Space

As per the abovementioned caption, web designing is going towards the path of ‘less is more’ sort of a mindset. That simply suggests that we are navigating the websites that are opting for simple layouts along with broader amount with white spaces.

White space (also known with the name of negative space) is simply an empty space of web page. Think of a breathing room with page elements. Utilizing the white space to segregate the various sections on your web pages aids to revamp readability and makes the page easier for the users to understand vital information.

There is an investment based app called Wealthsimple, utilizes whitespace to distort every single section of its website for allowing the users to maintain their focus one section at one time. It then plays with clever animations for directing the users’ eyes below the page.

5. Sketch design software as Go-to design

Over time, there have been polarizing and endless debates around the world of tech; GIF v JIF, Android v Apple or MAC v PC. A sketch is like software that has been designed for web developers or designers to cover major design processes.