Being tech and gadgets enthusiast it is not essential to stick yourself all the time with your computer. There are a lot of other things in the gadget for a home that could most probably bring more peace and convenience in life. And one more thing important it would take you out of the room where you use to surf on your pc rig or laptop all the time with games or movies.

In this post, I am making an introduction of 4 cool gadgets for the home. When it comes to gadgets for a home your mind would get stuck in many ideas and suggestions. But obviously, you would pick the gadgets that could bring some relaxation in your day to day life routine. You can choose the best home products with us on BestHomeSupplies.

Cool Gadgets For Home

Well, the time of ancient gadgets is now changed with technology advancement and new innovative inventions around us. But if you notice the variety of gadgets for home is also making trouble in finding the real pick that would fit in all your needs and requirements.

Let us hop in to explore the 5 cool gadgets for the home. I tried hard to find the gadget for the home that pervades every aspect of life.

1. R2 D2 Trash Can

R2 D2 Trash Can
via: GeekDad

Do you remember the Star Wars series? Of course, everyone knows and fan of star war as it is a fiction series of entertainment. I am talking to get a Star Wars series. I am revealing a trash can that is exactly giving the gestures of star war’s gadgets and technology artifacts used in the film. The R2 D2 trash is one of the valuable gadgets for a home that would keep the memories of Star Wars.

Collecting such gadgets would give a furnished look to your home interior and would give a feel of technology. Now you can keep your old pizza crusts and soda cans in this trash can and the other waste of your old drafts copies and other documents you want to waste. There is no beep on the trash unfortunately like R2 but it is good to keep your home a clean and good look.

2. Eye-Vac

via: YouTube

Another beautiful and cool top-rated one of the best gadgets for the home. This one is made for the kitchen and for the geeks who love to eat pizza while standing in the kitchen. The old times are gone when you were looking for a place to put your waste off. This one enables your kitchen gesture the most furnishing one and also when you are done with eating give a sweep to the crumbs in the liner direction of the Eye-Vac and it would suck all the waste to clean it up.

Here the convenience is for the people who cannot bend over due to back pain and without bending down your waste is cleaned. How amazingly it works. The most perfect thing for lazy geeks.

3. Digital Hourglass

Digital Hourglass
via: HomeCrux

In ancient times for knowing the time the people used glasses with holes for knowing the time. It was the time when the watch was not yet invented by mankind. Even for knowing the time there were places that were built to understand the time cycle. The glasses with holes contained with sand could transfer the sand to another glass for the interval to know the shift.

But with the advancement of technology and inventions watch and another clock we normally see today on wrists and walls could play the role well to notify you for the time. The digital hourglass is introduced for the geeks who want a new look and ancient aesthetic touch. However, this is not one of the thrilling gadgets for home but it would give you an ancient feel in the modern era. It gives a cool gesture exactly in the shape of an ancient hourglass.

4. Nutritional Scales

Nutritional Scales
via: Escali

There is a quote about nutrition that says “you are what you eat”. For the improvement of a healthy life, you would need healthy nutrition. The new generation got more convenience in life from technology as compared to the old generations. You would love to get these nutritional scales that can tell you what are you exactly eating.

The ratio of the nutritional ingredients could be measured through these nutritional scales. Your kitchen and you would get finally a parameter that would give you an indication of what you are eating and how much of health and energy you are getting from the food. The scale got a smart computer inside for the calculation of nutritional elements in your food.

It has a database of around 1400 different foodstuffs that would enable you to get most of your intake. That is able to keep off the record of your intake and it is made with the features that it would be able to count the foodstuff for two persons only. Monitor your calories and diet before and after intake.

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