Today the most important question for every business person that how could they expand their business through social media platforms. As everybody knows we can not neglect this opportunity in this super-fast internet era where anybody has easy access to the various social media platform. The most exciting part is these social media platforms have a huge amount of your target audience. Thus after making a decent social media strategy can grow your business tremendously.

What is the social media platform?

A platform where a massive amount of public connected with each other with the help of the internet. Like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Pinterest, etc. Here people share their thoughts, images, videos and other different types of information and interests.  And with the help of their information and interests, you can track their activity easily for your business purpose and find your target audience. 

The next question is how can you find which social media platform is best for your business. There are different types of social media site but you have to focus on a few particular platforms that can generate much revenue for your business. There are various websites which have a lot of user base on the demographics and interests. Here are we mentioning the top 5 social media platforms.

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Top 5 social media platforms 

1. Facebook


Every person knows facebook, it is the most valuable platform for every business. It has an epic amount of activity users. The total users of Facebook are 2.23 billion.  So here in this platform, you have a huge opportunity for marketing of your business. In this platform, you can make your personal business page to connect your targeted audience and make your business popular. You can share the pictures, videos, stories, text on your page for awareness of your business. And you can promote your business by paying Facebook for advertising.

2. Instagram


Instagram has 1 billion users. So here is also a valuable platform for your business. You can make your business profile on Instagram and share images and videos on IGTv, stories, live videos. It is a very useful platform for any business because it has a huge potential audience…Also, you can use their advertising services to reach more audiences.

3. Twitter


This is especially for the text sharing platform. But you can share any type of content like image, video. This is a very popular platform in the world that famous for sharing real-time information. Here you can find many queries regarding your business. This platform has 335 million users. Like other platforms, this also offers its advertising campaigns.   

 4. LinkedIn


Linkedin has an amazing ability to grow your business. Basically, this is used for professionals business persons, companies, employers, employees where they share content about their business and employees share their resume for job opportunities. Here you have opportunities to connect with experienced employees and also it has B2B opportunities. So share your content or watch others’ content for awareness. The active users of Linkedin are 294 million. 

5. Tik Tok

Tik Tok

I know you will say this can not be a good platform for branding but because of its huge user base which is 500 million, it is a world’s most downloading app. It means the chances of your business’s popularity are so high. You can make short videos regarding business for your branding. Hence it has a lot amount of public your content will viral soon easily. 

So these are some valuable social media marketing platforms that can help your business to generate more revenue. If you use all platforms for your business that would keep your business high… 

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