Mobile phones are nowadays essential for humans as oxygen. However, it’s not the only gadget that is becoming the center of our lives. Smartphones are only one side of the story. There are too many accessories and gadgets that can make any smartphone much more than its original capacity. Although people spend a huge amount of money for smartphones but hardly do people know how to make the most out of these gadgets. Here we are sharing some of the essential accessories you should have with your smartphone to make it even smarter.

Wireless charging pad:

Anything that’s constant in the world of technology is changing. Every day we see technologies revealed and go obsolete. Similar is also the case with smartphones and their accessories. The era of wired chargers is now over and it’s now time for the wireless charging pads to be included in your collection. Almost all latest and flagship models now include wireless charging pads with the box. However, you can still find a compatible charging pad with your device.


Headphones are one of the most important accessories for any smartphone fanatic. Headphones are so important for so many people that a smartphone without headphones included in the box is considered a negative point for the smartphone. However, music lovers have a whole different story. For them, music and sound are most important and can’t be compromised anyhow. Therefore, independent headphone manufacturers are more popular in this scenario.

Mobile covers & cases:

Although technology is advancing at a very fast speed, still smartphones are very sensitive. Therefore, you will need a protective case to keep it safe from external environments. Mobile phone cases & covers are, therefore, the most important accessory. Not only do these covers provide, safety for the products, but also stylish mobile covers from make your classy smartphones more stylish. Mobile phone cases are available in different types of styles, designs, and shapes.

Rings or popsockets:

Nowadays, one of the most trendy mobile phone accessory if present in this world is, rings or popsockets. These are a basically detachable grip for your smartphone. Both rings and popsockets are a rival to each other, however, my personal experience with both have been very good, and it doesn’t matter which one I am using, the idea behind both is to provide a better grip for the smartphone. Apart from just enhancing the grip over the phone, rings and popsockets can also be used to place a smartphone vertically while watching movies.

VR headset or virtual reality:

Virtual reality devices are an upcoming technology and they have the potential to soon replace too many of technologies that we are using right now. Virtual reality devices can be used for multiple functions these can in homes, office, workspaces and more. Gaming studios are the very first to employee VR as a complete device. Also, VR can be used by individuals for so many tasks. Are you also looking to have a go on virtual reality? Let us know in the comments section.