Certain sites and online streaming services, for example, Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, BBC iPlayer, and so forth contain district limited (or geo-restricted) content. This implies substance is not accessible for streaming or downloading by clients who live inside the allowed Countries or locales.

Notwithstanding, by utilizing a VPN Service or Smart DNS Proxy you can without much of a stretch sidestep these geo-restrictions so you can in any case stream/download/view content from your most loved sites, for example, Hulu, Netflix, BBC, Pandora, Spotify, and so on that you happen to live outside the allowed districts.

Be that as it may, which one would it be advisable for you to utilize, a VPN Service OR a Smart DNS Proxy? Read on to find out.

Smart DNS

Smart DNS is a sensibly new innovation. It utilizes smart specialized tricks to convince authorities that your location is in the region it needs to be to use specific websites. Its main role is to open up the whole world of streaming videos and musical files to you, paying little respect to where you’re found.

That is to say, for instance, that you could be situated in Portugal, where both BBC iPlayer and US Netflix are blocked, and get to them two, and numerous different services, with only a straightforward change in your settings. It’s greatly modest and works on PCs, as well as on everything from Smart TVs to game consoles and iPad.

However the major drawback of using Smart DNS is that it doesn’t provide you with any security or privacy. Your local ISPs know exactly what you are doing as they can keep an eye on your internet activities. For general internet users it isn’t a major issue though.


VPN can satisfy the same reason as Smart DNS, yet works in an unexpected way, and can give various additional security and protection benefits.

On the off chance that you utilize a VPN (Virtual Private Network), you interface with a server in a particular nation. Once you’ve done as such, sites you visit will “believe” you’re connecting from that nation.

So, you can connect with a US-based VPN server, and you’ll have the capacity to get to US Netflix, Hulu, CBS, ABC, and a wide range of other American sites. In any case, on the off chance that you need content from the UK or another country, you’ll have to connect with an alternate server in the applicable nation.

All things considered, this is a result of those security and protection benefits we specified that makes a VPN slower. When you connect utilizing a VPN, you utilize a private and encoded “passage” on the Internet. No one can see what you’re doing. Also, in case you’re especially worried about your protection a lot, you can even pick a VPN supplier, who keeps no logs of your movement, or make it a stride further and utilize a super-secure supplier who’ll give you a chance to pay with a mysterious installment technique like Bitcoin for complete secrecy.

In our current reality where individuals are progressively worried about their online protection, VPNs can offer genuine feelings of serenity, and the arrival to the feeling of Internet flexibility that the World Wide Web was at first based on. Here you can take a look at the best VPN services:


ExpressVPN offers its servers in 75 different countries. Most commonly it offers unlimited bandwidth with no log policy. It offers 24/7 customer support which is properly secured by 256 bit encryption. The best option they provide is that they offer money refundable policy of about 30 days. ExpressVPN is compatible to work with Linux, PC, and Mac read a detailed review of ExpressVPN.  It hides the IP address of the customer from other harmful agencies. It offers its packages from about $8.32 per month.


IPvanish offers a complete understanding for its beginning users, as it provides about 8 different dedicated servers. It enables the user to hide its IP with 25000 different IP’s. It has the ability to work with all the devices that exists between the different devices that supports OpenVPN, and IPsec, and gives access to UK TV, IPlayer, BBC etc. It also works completely with the VOIP software. The main objective of IPvanishVPN is ‘making it affordable’. They offer a discount of about 40% and their monthly package is for $7.50/month.


HideMyAss offers its users the access to unlimited bandwidth. Their services and servers are located in more than 170 states and with more than 800 servers. It helps the user to hide the users’ IP with about 60,500 other IP’s to hide under. The servers of Hidemyass are compatible with all the types of devices. It offers its user a refund policy of about 30 days. It offers complete access to the user favorite channels like BBC, Channel 4, with unlimited bandwidth. Its package is about $6.55/month, which is the yearly package.


NordVPN offers support to multiple devices. It has one of the best 24/7 live support including the support on social media, and it also supports the live chat. NordVPN offers about 30 day money back guarantee to its user allowing them to be completely comfortable. It supports no log policy and also operates with P2P. It provides the button of kill switch which helps the user to secure their data once the connection is lost.


Hong Kong based PureVPN offers extremely a quick VPN service offering 500+ servers in 141 nations. There are exceedingly configurable clients for both Windows and Mac users both of which offer the extremely appealing choice of permitting clients to choose the best server in light of reason as opposed to just topographical area. Those attempting to get to sites from different nations, for example, HBO lovers will discover this especially helpful. The iOS client is more essential however is anything but difficult to setup. BitTorrent is supported yet just in a predetermined number of nations. There are some unanswered protection issues about data continued amid record enlistment keeping in mind this will be of little outcome to normal clients it proposes that those needing the supreme secrecy ought to look somewhere else.


Well, whatever you choose between VPN and Smart DNS this market is very competitive with the cheap prices and many new providers entering the market. Both these tools have their own benefits and drawbacks. It is your decision to choose wisely which one suits your needs in a better manner.