Having a website will give you leverage among the rest of your competitors and colleagues in whatever industry you are in. If you want to succeed and get clients and customers faster than the other guy, it is important you get yourself in the digital space. Having social media accounts will not cut it out. A website shows you in a more professional manner. You would not want your potential clients to email you with an @gmail.com email address, would you? Every common man uses an email address like that but with a professional site, you get a custom e-mail address tailored to fit you.

So whether you are….

Selling a physical product whether it be in a brick-and-mortar store or online shopping;

Putting up a digital product as a Techpreneur;

Selling a service as a freelancer or looking for your next job;

Marketing your life as an influencer in your chosen niche;

You will need a professional website set up right now! 

Set Up Your Website in Minutes

Now, setting up a website has never been easier and faster. The online tool you will need to set up your website is the hPage.com website builder. 

With the hPage Website Builder, you can get your own website in less than a day! In fact, you only need minutes of your time to set up the whole thing.

How is this possible, you may ask? 

hPage(dot)com is an online tool that lets you create and build a website all by yourself. You do not need any coding knowledge or be a tech geek in order to get a professional-looking website set-up. You do not need to hire website developers or website designers which usually costs hundreds to thousands of dollars. Once you make a website with hPage, you are able to manage and edit everything by yourself easily!

hPage lets you build a website this way:

  • Sign-up for an account at hPage.com to get dashboard access

With this, you can get access to their website builder dashboard and all the tools needed so you can start making your own website.

  • Pick out a domain name for your website

Your domain name is your website address. You can easily upgrade your domain name to an exclusive .com address any time.

  • After doing so, you may choose a website template

hPage offers over 300 website design templates for you to choose from. These designs are customizable and you can change certain design settings according to your brand or preference.

  • Customize your website

Once you have picked out a website template from their site design catalog, you can now customize the fonts, colors, headers to how you want them to be.

  • Add and edit web pages

On the site dashboard, there is a ‘Pages’ feature which serves as a way for you to create and edit your web pages for your website. Just add in your content on the page editor feature. It’s very similar to a Microsoft document where you can add pictures, videos, and text easily.

Is setting up a site with hPage Website Builder cheap?

Absolutely! The hPage.com website builder is not only easy to navigate, but it is also one of the most affordable online tools out there to create your website with. 

There are only two options for you to get started:

Create a free website with a free version of the site. 

With this option, there are zero hidden fees and everything is free from the start. The only catch is that you do not get access to premium features that this online tool offers. This is the best option to choose if you want to get a feel of the hPage software first and see if it fits you. You have the option to upgrade to the paid version with all its premium features available in case you change your mind and find that this software is really great for your website.

The other option is a paid version which only charges you an affordable price of 11.50 euros every month. It is affordable compared to most website builders and it will give you access to all premium features and top-notch customer service in case you need any help with creating your website.

If you think about it, that’s only the equivalent of dining out at a restaurant per month. And just imagine the revenue returns of your website once you get it set-up! You can earn money through advertisements, referrals, connections, and client acquisition. So try it yourself and check out the hPage.com website builder now and set up a professional website in minutes!

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