Google Map application is a saviour for someone like me who never has any clue about the location she currently is or about the route that is to be taken to her destination. Google Maps always come in handy in such situations, and today I cannot imagine stepping out of my door without it. It does not only tell about the safest route to be taken, but it also guides the traffic situation along with the other nearby places information as well. I have been using this application for like last five years, and now I believe I possess all the knowledge that an individual needs to know in order to function this application. Nevertheless, without wasting more time,

I would like to share my tricks which I have learned from Dissertation Help if you too wish to have a hassle-free and comfortable ride.

1. Space Measurement


This application allows you to calculate the distance between your original point to your final point. You are only required to tap on your current location to add your pin location with the help of a button that is located below. This button will take you to other options just tap on the feature of space measurement and viola you have measured all the overall trip distance.

2. Location Sharing

Google Maps also allows you to share your location with your concerned family and inform them about your arrival time as well. However, the process of doing it is simple; you only need to go to the menu and further to the option of share location. It would take you to another page and this way you will be presented with an option to select the time duration you wish to share your location off. The final step is to choose people who you wish to disclose your location to. Nevertheless, while you are at it, you are required to keep your mobile location service on.

3. Night/ Day Mode

Google Map grants you to change your application modes only by going through your browser and the lightning bolt that is situated below your application would let you switch the modes.

4. Scrutinizing Street

The user can also quickly scrutinize the street through this application. Just tap on the main menu and handhold your pin location. Later then you must select the thumbnail to scrutinize the street.

5. Various Pauses

Google Maps allows you to add various stops if you assume that your trip requires you to stop at various stops. The users can also practice this feature by searching for your location on your Google Map later; you can proceed “add stop” option from the menu. You can include as many stops as you want.

6. Needed Stops

You can also reach for the required stops during piloting such as cafes, banks, tuck shops, and grocery stores. You only need to press on the menu button, and the user will be presented with the list of categories that allow the user to enter their preferences in the search bar.

7. Trademarks

It further lets you add trademarks as well; such marks will be represented on your maps and be able to look into the search bar. All you are required to introduce your location by pressing the button.

8. Scrutinizing Traffic

If you are in a hurry and need to reach your destination in the shortest possible time, then there’s great news for you. A feature of Google maps lets you scrutinize the traffic condition of a particular area at a specific time. Select the Traffic option from the main menu and then further choose the typical traffic option to foresee the traffic situation of your desired area.

9. Parking Location


In order to search for parking on a prior basis, you need to change your mode to “Save parking” from “Driving mode”. You only need to select a blue dot that is located on the main menu and then choose the option you wish to choose.

10. Avoid Highways

Highways are a big NO-NO for every driver, and we all; wish to take the route that does not include any high way. Well, Google Maps allow you to take such a route as you will only need to look for your destined location on the main menu and look for the fasted route that can be taken And Viola you are good to go now.

11. Participation

If you see Google Maps is missing on any important information about a certain area, you can participate and add the needed information in the application. Only by selecting the option of “your contributions” and then you can further give your input to the application.

12. Lost Place

If you see that the map does not have any information about any certain location, you have the liberty to add information about it. Just select the nearby location of lost location and select the feature of “Missing Place” and then you are done.

13. Your History

You can also look for the history of places you have been to with the help of Google Maps as it keeps the overall track of your locations. From the menu, select the “history” option, and you will be presented with all the visited locations.

14. Ride Call

One of its most prominent features is that it lets you take another ride in case your car breaks down in the middle of your way. Just look for the fastest route and choose Uber option and you will be given the estimated fares along with the available services.

15. Zoom

Using two fingers while driving is a challenging task but no worries any more as the application allows you to zoom in and zoom out by using a single finger only. Zoom in by moving your finger down and zoom out by moving it up, and it is that easy.

16. Routing Modes

Deciding which route to take is the most difficult task while driving, but Google Maps is a rescuer in this case as it tells you about the best route that can be taken for the ride. Just look for the location of your desire to go to and select the direction button, and it will select multiple routes for you, and you can then choose whichever you think is most suitable.

17. Speed Limit

One main feature that it misses is that it does not allow you to check the speed limit of a driver. Nevertheless, we have a trick for it too, you only need to take the help of the third party for this purpose and this problem will be solved too. No doubt, technology has made our lives much easier.

18. Map Customisation


This is one most prominent feature of the application as it allows you to customize your map just the way you like. You can use the tools of drawing to draw the route you wish to take by visiting Scribble Maps, which later take the user to the interface of Google Map.

19. Yelp Links

Yelp maps, however, are quite annoying but you can fix it by installing the chrome extensions of Yelp to Google Map.

20. Copying

You never know when your mobile data ditches you and imagine yourself in the middle of the road with no idea which route to take as your mobile data has given up on you and you cannot access the Google Map. Nonetheless, Google Maps has a feature of copying a map as well, and you can copy the map of the desired location only by putting in your location address and then download it.

Follow all the tricks mentioned above to have a hassle, free and comfortable ride.

The article is written by Michelle James, and she has been assisting the students on the platform of Dissertation Help for the last two years.

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