More than half of the population around the world has access to the internet. One out of every three Americans considers it a basic human need. Our activities have increasingly gone digital thanks to the convenience offered by businesses these days. From shopping to large financial transactions everything can be done on the World Wide Web. It is hard to think of any service which is no longer available online.

This expansion of the internet, however, has also made us vulnerable to the invasion of privacy. It is estimated that there are 16.7 million cases of identity theft every year on the internet. Moreover, with mainstream social media websites becoming susceptible to hacks 80% of users are concerned about their privacies.  These platforms freely use consumer information for marketing profiles which makes the fear grow even more.

So, what’s the solution then? One of the most effective tools to protect our sensitive information while connected to the internet is to use a VPN like Ivacy. It is one of the most widely recognized and acclaimed services in the market today and the features it offers are second to none.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with a VPN; it stands for Virtual Private Network. Its basic function is to mask user location by making ISP’s and other potentially harmful elements think that a user is, for instance sitting in the US while they are actually browsing from Canada or any other country in the world.

With that sorted out, here are some of the functions provided by Ivacy which make it worth a try:

No data restrictions

Users can surf the internet without having to worry about any limits for uploads and downloads etc. Most services available have certain caps on how much you can upload or download off the internet, but with Ivacy there is no such thing.

You can feel free to send or receive as much data as you like and be sure that none of it is going to leak at any point in the transmission.

Consistent speeds

One of the best things about Ivacy is that it can provide excellent speeds on almost every website or platform. We tested the service by running torrents, online gaming websites and other high volume programs on the connection and while the speeds fluctuated sometimes because of the internet connection, overall, the VPN remained stable In terms of both speed and connectivity.

Speed is a major concern with any accessory is added to an internet connection but since Ivacy is somewhat of a necessity, it takes care of its customers on this front.

Available for every major platform

Desktops and laptops are quite rapidly being replaced by mobile devices. Particularly when it comes to performing tasks on the go, a smartphone has enough functionality to help users perform many routine tasks. Ivacy understands market needs and it is conveniently available for almost every major platform.

Windows, Mac, iOS, Android is just the leading operating systems. Ivacy apps are available to Xbox, PS3, PS4 and Linux too. Name any platform and Ivacy can be downloaded on it to provide comprehensive protection against cyber threats.

Elaborate encryption protocols

The service comes with a 256-bit encryption protocol which makes hacking or spying close to impossible. This level of encryption is the highest available at the moment and it is difficult to decode.

For a normal household user, cybercriminals never go to any extreme lengths to spend countless hours and employ sophisticated tools to crack the encryption on their data traffic. This means that Ivacy ensures its customers are safe at all times.

Zero logging policy

This is one of the reasons why users have become so sceptical about sharing any kind of information online. Websites and internet service providers (ISPs) keep track of user choices and browsing sessions. Believe it or not, when you browse the internet without any protection, the ISP knows which websites you visit, how long you remain on them and what information you search for.

These logs are sold or shared at will because there are no regulations stopping this practice. This activity leads to users being exposed to risks of cybercrime and marketing spam. Ivacy is one of the very few VPN services which commit to and provide a complete log free program.

Besides your email address, the keep absolutely no trace of what you’ve done or where you’ve been. You can surf the internet with total peace of mind when Ivacy is installed and activated on your device.

Great pricing and discounts

Ivacy has some of the most affordable pricing options in the VPN industry. With the features it provides, the program is worth every cent. The monthly subscription starts at $9.95 a month and as you increase the duration for which you want to commit, the prices decrease. For instance, the yearly package costs only $3.33 a month and the highest selling package is the one with two-year protection.

The price for this is only $2.25 a month. For now, the company is also offering a surreal discount on its five-year plan where users only pay $1.33 a month. The subscription comes with a 30-day money back guaranteed and can be discontinued at any time.

Protection on public networks

Public networks are really unsafe because the passwords are available to everyone. This means that a hacker connected to the same network as you can easily gain access to your system through a phishing or other forms of cyber attacks. Ivacy provides protection from such attempts by covering up your connection and identity while you are connected to the internet.

The service also comes with an internet kill switch which cuts the whole internet connection if the VPN protection drops for any reason.

Ivacy is one of the most complete solutions for online privacy protection. Its wide array of features besides the fundamental function of masking user identity make it a preferred choice for customers. This view is shared by several tech websites and users around the globe. Try it today to understand the true meaning of being anonymous.