PUBG is a new trend among gaming backgrounds. Everywhere right now the game has left its impression. Since its launch in March 2017, PUBG has had over 20 million sales and 2 million concurrent users.

There is also the introduction of Xbox One for the works that are being awaited. But unfortunately, the Mac users have been not given much importance while the game was launched.


In simple words, PUBG doesn’t officially support Mac Operating System. Here’s how you can play “Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds” on your Mac:

1. Use of GeForce:

Nvidia’s new streaming service; GeForce Now has proved to indeed have indeed made way its way to proper popularity. Using this service is the best way to play “Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds” on your Mac. This is actually a cloud based service that helps you to play any game on its “Stream” or “Battle”. Following are the steps to play PUBG on your Mac using GeForce Now:

  • Connect to a proper Wi-Fi network:

Firstly you need to have a proper internet connection to get uninterrupted experience both while installing the service as well as using it to play PUBG.

  • Installation of GeForce:

The best feature of GeForce Now is that it removes the issues if hardware compatibility that is a major issue while playing games on your device through any other service. This is due to the fact that it is a cloud service.

Here actually the game is played on the GeForce Now’s Server. Your computer just serves as an interface or streaming device for you. It is currently available in beta and is presently free for the Mac users. “Nvidia” is likely to charge for the Mac service when it comes out of beta. Once you have installed GeForce on your computer, open it to see the contents.

  • System Requirements:

As mentioned earlier, there are no specific hardware requirements as it is a cloud based service. The only thing you must keep in mind is that you need to have a smooth internet connection. The speed recommended by Nvidia is 50 Mbps. Also, the version of the Mac OS must be 10.10 or higher.

  • Check the strength of your connection:

If you are unsure of your connection’s strength, you can check the strength by using the GeForce Now App. If your network’s speed is all right, then you will be notified with the pop up that says “Your network is optimal for streaming”.

  • Optimal Settings:

For proper settings, you might need to modify some of the settings on your GeForce now app. For this, you just need to click on the Settings icon on the GeForce window. To minimize latency, you can select the option of turning ON the “Ultra Streaming Mode” that will give you a better gaming experience along with a better video and graphics quality.

  • Login to steam and play:

Just like any other movie streaming site, when your GeForce is installed and running you will be able to find all the games that can be played on the server.  PUBG will be one of them and you can access it for an amount of $30.

If you have already purchased it then if you click on it, you will be taken to the window to login to steam. You can always create a Steam account for free.

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  • Play!

After logging in, you are all set to play the game in a few minutes. The game goes on in a peculiar way where you have about 100 unknown players around you, and you need to be the last one surviving in order to win the game to get yourself up to the popular so-called “Chicken Dinner”.

2. Boot Camp :

This is the option which you can opt for when your internet connection is quite weak and cannot support the running of GeForce. Tough this is a sub-optimal way of doing the task yet you can do it if you really have the craving of playing PUBG and you are a Mac user. This method is suggested only if you are pretty sure of it.

This technology is a way to partition your hard drive in order to run Windows 10 on a separate partition by employing Boot Camp.

As said earlier, this will require some major steps like cleaning up the disc space in order to run Windows 10 on your Mac. Even the game which you are planning to play by doing all this requires a considerable amount of space. To be exact PUBG requires about 30 GB of space. So in addition to the allocation of space for Windows OS, you need to have enough space for the game also. It is indeed a hectic and a risky process to follow as you are at the risk of losing data while making up space for the requirements. You can use the following link in order t learn more about the partitioning of hard drive: .

In a nutshell, till now Mac users indeed have to go for additional processes in order to get some services on their devices. Playing PUBG is one of them. But you definitely have the choice of going for GeForce App in order to play the game on your device. All you need to do is install it and pay some charges for logging in and playing. It is always preferred to go for this first way rather than trying out the Boot Camp method. Happy gaming!