Are you searching for the finest approach to Convert CSV Contacts to vCard / VCF File? If yes, so you will not have to worry about it anymore. This write-up is the comprehensive solution for all users who use the Excel workbook to store their contacts and finding how to import contacts from CSV to VCF. From the previous query, you can analyze that, many of the users are moving the contacts from CSV to VCF format. Because the vCard format is supported by several devices, online and offline email clients and various other popular platforms. Apart from this, the vCard File is easily shared through networks or computers.

I have saved about 1000 contacts in a CSV file. Now, I wants to move these CSV file to the Android and iPhone. But, the problem is that both Android and iPhone do not support CSV files. Therefore, it is quite obvious that I need to move contacts from CSV contacts to VCF or vCard format. But we have no idea how this whole process can be carried out? Therefore, if anyone has a solution for this now, please help me out. I need it urgently. Thanks in advance.

How to Export CSV Contacts to vCard Format Manually?

If you are looking for the manual solution to Export CSV Contacts to vCard Format, so this section will be helpful for you to do the conversion manually. You can use the Windows Contacts folder on your local machines, which provides the import and export functions for CSV and vCard files.

Firstly, you need to import CSV contacts files to Windows Contacts. Then, it exports all contacts in the Windows contacts folder to the VCF format at the desired location.

Drawbacks of Manual Method:

There are various limitations of using the manual solution to export CSV files to vCard format, some of them are detailed below:

  • The conversion process is quite long since it is not a direct approach to move CSV contacts to VCF.
  • In the case of a large number of contacts, the process takes a long time.
  • Bulk Conversion is not possible.
  • There is the possibility of data loss.
  • The complex task for the native users.
  • You need a lot of time and effort to do the conversion.

A Safe and Reliable Approach to Convert CSV Contacts to VCF File:


If you are concerned about the loss of data and want to import your Contacts files safely. Therefore, it is suggested that users take the help of most professional applications, i.e., OneTime CSV File Converter. It is the best and reliable approach to easily convert the CSV address book to the vCard file format. The tool can convert multiple CSV Files containing a large number of contacts inside in just a few simple clicks. Apart from this, the software allows the users to perform the conversion from Google CSV to vCard, Gmail CSV to vCard, Thunderbird CSV to vCard, Outlook CSV to vCard.

The software comes with the free trial edition, so users can evaluate it before investing money on it. The CSV contacts to VCF converter software free download can transfer first 25 contacts from csv to vCard. Once you are happy with the working of trial, you can buy the toolkit from our webpage and enjoy unlimited conversion in hassle free manner.

Steps to Import Contacts from CSV To VCF File :

Step 1. Download and Run CSV to vCard Converter application and click on the Open tab.

import csv contacts to vCard / vcf file

Step 2. Here, you can choose Select Files or Select Folder option to load the CSV Contacts into the software interface.

Step 3. Once you select the CSV folder, you can click on the Next tab.

Step 4. Here, the tool previews the selected folders in application UI. Kindly Mark the required folder to continue.

Step 5. In the saving screen, you can select VCF format to transfer CSV to import CSV contacts to vCard file.

Step 6. You can change the destination folder simply by click on the folder icon. And you choose the destination location according to your choice.

Step 7. Now, you can click on Convert button for converting CSV file to vCard format.

Step 8. Now, CSV contacts to VCF Conversion procedure is running, it will take a few minutes to complete the conversion.

Step 9. In the End, you can go to the selected destination path and check the resultant vCard files.


In this digital world, there are various users planning to move/convert CSV file to vCard format. However, there is no perfect way of doing the same. To fulfill our user’s requirements, OneTime designed the most powerful application CSV to VCF Converter.

So, the users make use of this advanced application for importing contacts information from CSV to VCF file. The best thing is that the software can convert unlimited excel CSV contacts to vCard format at once.