With all the censorships and content blocking, the plethora of information and news is unavailable in some countries. This can be very troublesome many times when we want to get access to blocked content. For example, there are some videos on YouTube that are available only to specific countries. To get access to this “blocked” content or “censored” content there are a couple of methods which work smoothly without harming your browsing experience.

Traditionally the websites used the IP address to remotely locate a user. However, with the introduction of HTML5 Geolocation API finding the coordinates of a user is super easy.

Here is the list of methods:

Method 1: Download VPN Service Software

While in browsers like Opera VPN comes in-built Google Chrome doesn’t have that kind of options. Therefore for the users who love using Chrome, it is advisable to download VPN software. It helps you fake your location by selecting any Country’s IP address and allows you to access information available only in a single country.

Download VPN Service Software

One of the most reliable VPN services is available as an extension in Google Chrome; one of them in setup VPN. It is a free extension. It allows you to connect to approximately 100 servers around the world, making it a better browsing experience.

Method 2: Setting Up Manual Location

Setting up a manual location on Google is simpler than it sounds. All you got to do is select a place whose location you will copy from Google. Use this location to access the sites of that location.

Step 1: Open Google Chrome on your laptop.

Step 2: press Control+Shift+I while Chrome window in open. This will open Developer tools on the right side of the Chrome Window.

Step 3: on the extreme right of the developer tools window right next to the cross there is a three dotted button. Click on it: this has a drop-down menu. In this drop-down menu find More Tools and select it.

Step 4: More Tools is also a drop-down menu. In this menu find “Sensors” from the bottom second.

open Developer tools

Step 5: Sensors will open in the Bottom. In this go to the Geolocation and change it to “Others”.

In this go to the Geolocation and change it to “Others”

Step 6: copy a set of random coordinates from Google and paste them here.

And you’re done. This will change your location and will give you access to web browsing of that co-ordinates.

Method 3: Deny Location Access:

Some sites ask for permission before taking access to your location. This appears in the form of a pop-up. When this pop-up appears it will have two buttons: “Allow” and “deny”. Click on Deny when you don’t want to give access to your location to the website.

Method 4: Change your Location Settings

Easiest and the most common way is to change the location settings on chrome. This requires no plug-ins and downloads. All of it is available in Chrome. Just open your browser and begin working!

  1. Open the settings from the rightmost corner of the browser.
  2. Search for Location and open it.
  3. Change the setting to “Ask before sharing”

Change your Location Settings

These listed methods will definitely help you maintain your privacy; the easiest method amongst them in the installation of a safe VPN extension. Since the installation of the VPN is the most convenient, you could browse for the most trust-worthy VPN to install. Another convenient way is to simply turn off your location.