In this blog, we will explain how to download music from SoundCloud. First things first, in the digital world all songs are basically on files now – computer files and that’s most of the time on Spotify and Apple music. YouTube music, Google Play, Amazon Music, wow there’s a lot!

Now basically hardly any artists even print CDs anymore. Think about yourself for example, do you even buy CDs anymore when it comes to how to download music on SoundCloud?

An artist has to choose on SoundCloud whether to make their tracks downloadable or not download and I’m going to go through both of those ways. When a track is not downloadable, well you just can’t download it. However, there are these third-party sites where you can go and put in the SoundCloud URL link in the site and that will go and scrape and download the song for you.

You Should Not Use Third-Party Download Software

That said, I do not recommend doing this because this is going against the terms of the artist that has already said that the track is not downloadable. As a result, you should not go against their will, download the track, share it and listen to it without paying for it because quite simply that’s not right for the artists. 

They made that song in the first place, for example, as an artist I do not have my tracks on SoundCloud as downloadable because I’m not going to give them away for free. I put a lot of a hard time and work into them. It’s not like you to make a movie and then you go to the movie theatre and it’s just free. It’s kind of the same thinking so that’s why some people don’t have their tracks as downloadable on SoundCloud.

As a result, if you come across those tracks that you want to download but they’re not downloadable you should respect the fact that they’re not downloadable and just go to Spotify and pay for the track, which is usually just $0.99. Purchases mean a lot for the artist!

Downloadable Tracks on SoundCloud

 On the other hand, there are a significant number of tracks on Soundcloud that are downloadable. We will explain how to download music from SoundCloud in that regard. In fact, I was just talking about how if people give their music away for free, they’re not making any money. Therefore, why would someone want to have their track as downloadable on the Internet?

Well, it’s a subjective decision to make your track downloadable, but there are also a few objective reasons. For example, if you are a new artist or if you’re just learning about production, maybe you have a laptop and you’re trying to make an EDM hit or a dance hit and you’re playing around with some sounds and you upload a demo, you’re not going to care too much if you make any money from it.

Also, another reason may be that it didn’t take you that much time or you prefer to grow a fanbase quicker because more people are looking for free music to listen to. This is a decent way to grow a fanbase. You could also make your soundtracks look more popular using the Faslikes SoundCloud Followers service.

Downloading Free SoundCloud Tracks

A good thing to note is tracks are the only options available for free downloads. You cannot download playlists, and you cannot download albums. 

For example, this track that I have called ‘Believe You Cannot’ you can download as it has been marked as downloadable. Just look for the more section under the track to find the free download option. If we go to another artist such as ‘Chef Valero’ you will see there is a free download. 

Also, in the title, it just says free download so right there you know you can go download it. However, it does not always say the download is free so you will need to do some of your own investigating. 

All look at the track under the ‘more box’ so you can see ‘download file’ and click this and it can download directly.