Australia is catching up with e-commerce. The country currently ranks as the tenth worldwide in terms of revenue. Even brick-and-mortar shops are already embracing it. This store now offers a three-hour delivery in large urban cities like Melbourne and Sydney. There’s no better time to include e-commerce as one of your sales channels than today, but you need help from experts such as a digital agency in Sydney to penetrate fast.

Growth of e-commerce in Australia                                                        

The Inside Australian Online Shopping Report by the Australia Post provides some rich information on the growing e-commerce in the country:

  • Online purchases increased in 2018 by more than 20%. The growth occurred in all states and territories at an average of 13%.
  • In 2018, online spending accounted for 10% of the total retail sales. Year over year, Australians spent almost $30 billion. It is an increase of 24% compared to 2017.
  • During the same year, over 70% of Australians shopped online.

Meanwhile, Statista forecasts that by 2020, user penetration will reach 72% and will increase further to 78.5% by 2024. The compound annual growth rate from 2020 to 2024 will be 5%. The market value by the end of the period could be $27 billion.

Various factors drive the Aussies to buy products online rather than drive to a department store. These include:

  • Ability to compare products and prices
  • Different shipping options
  • Convenience
  • Incentives and loyalty programs
  • Chance to shop overseas

Maximizing the market with video marketing  

If you want to penetrate e-commerce, working with a digital agency in Sydney is a wise choice. The exact strategies, though, also matter. One of the effective options today is video marketing.

According to Smart Insights, Internet users will spend nearly two hours every day watching videos by 2021. They will do so not only to entertain themselves but also to make better purchasing decisions.

In a 2018 survey by Animoto, which helps create videos, a whopping 93% of the marketers said videos helped them acquire new customers using social media. Around 88% of them also mentioned that they generated satisfying ROI from this marketing effort.

Video production and marketing, though, is not the easiest to pull through. That is why a digital agency in Sydney can be helpful. As a team, you can identify which types of videos will be worth creating.

You can actively participate in the discussion, however, if you get some tips. These include:

  • Consider short videos – Today, the average length of the video is four minutes. Internet users do not have the longest attention span.
  • Take advantage of cross-posting – Focus on videos that you can share across many platforms, especially social media.
  • Match videos with your brand – If you are selling a product or a service, how-tos are excellent videos to make. So do testimonials from real customers.
  • Optimize the video for SEO – The rules of search engine optimization still work here, particularly on YouTube. This way, your videos can appear not only on the channel but also on Google search results.
  • Hook them with a series – A smart strategy to keep them coming back to your channel or page is to release a series of related videos. It also helps you expound on technical subjects in shorter intervals.

When it comes to marketing online, you do not need to do all the talking. Get creative and let compelling videos do that for you.