If you weren’t keen enough in your high school typing lessons, you are more likely to be regretting right now. Hovering aimlessly over the keyboard with your two fingers is a complete waste of time, and to be honest, it makes you look very unprofessional. No worries thou, you have a huge room for improvement.

You can save a lot of time if you upped your typing speed even by just a few words per minute. This article is meant to help you sharpen your typing skills especially your Rapid Typing Zone\’s TypeDowntechnique, speed and accuracy. Below are some of the ways you can achieve this.

1.TypingMaster’s Typing Test

For a start, you will first need to assess your current typing speed before working on how you can improve on it. You can do this by doing s quick typing test. Currently, there are many sites offering free typing tests but the most outstanding one is TypingMaster’s version. It has the best length of test , the choice of topic to write about and a feature to share the results on Facebook and Twitter.

2.TypingWeb’s Free Tutorials

After determining how your current typing skills are, it is time you started working on all the bad keyboard habits you have. According to a globally accepted analogy on typing, to be excellent at typing your hands should be strategically placed over the keyboard in a particular manner.
TypingWeb.com offers some of the best free tutorials to guide you in using the correct hand positioning technique. To begin, you’ll be informed on which hand to use and when. You can then proceed to more advanced practice sessions that put in use a combination of numbers, letters and symbols to get your fingers flying around the keyboard in the right way.

If you wish to keep track of your progress, you can simply register on the website so as you can save your word. The information will include the wordcounttool.com, typing speed, your accuracy among others.

3.Sense-Lang’s Balloon Game

After knowing where your fingers should be placed, the next step should know where the keys are. This will enable you type without removing your eyes from the screen.
The best and fun way to do this is with an online game from game makers Sense-Lang.
In this game, letters fall down the screen on balloons that you need to burst by pressing the correct key. It is a simple yet addictive way to get to know where letters are without peeking.

4.Rapid Typing Zone’s TypeDown

After getting the hand positioning right and knowing the location of every key on the keyboard, it’s time you improved your typing speed.

TypeDown is a game that will get you typing a selection of random words in the quickest way possible in order to stop stacks from piling up and filling the screen to the top.
With some gaming effects, it brings the urgency to really get your fingers flowing.

  1. Number Pad Lessons

To be excellent at typing, you need to be good at the numerical side of things as well.TypeOnline offers free online lessons to help you sharpen your typing skills and improve your speed on the right hand side of the keyboard.