It is crucial that you understand what is involved as far as ducted air conditioning maintenance is concerned as Ducted Air Conditioning Sydney is not cheap. It could result in you sweating out the summer as missing one small step can cause drastic problems down the track.

It is not worth taking when it comes to this risk! To ensure that your air conditioner runs efficiently for years to come here are some essential tips from the experts.

Is it Important to have your Ducted Air Conditioner Maintained?

YES! Including the major impacts on your health and your wallet, there are loads of possible side effects of poor air conditioner maintenance.

The good news is that there are some tasks which you can do it yourself if you are concerned at the cost of getting an air conditioning expert to do a house call when it is time to change or clean the filters.

Cleaning and Replacing the filters

It is often forgotten about or overlooked until a lack of performance which is noticed, even though cleaning and replacing filters is one step of maintenance that most people are aware of. Down the track, this alone can lead to further problems. The worse they could become, the longer you leave it.

You need to clean your filters at minimum once every six months to ensure that your ducted system is working at its most efficient. To give the filters a good clean, at the beginning of summer and then again before you start heating in winter is the optimal times. Inspect the filters yourself and wash them down with warm, soapy water otherwise.

Leaving your air con working harder but not putting out the results you would typically expect over time the airflow will become restricted by dust and debris. To run efficiently without concern, regular filter cleaning assists your air conditioning unit.

Always speak to the expert first if you have any doubts about how to do this!

Air Conditioner Coils

Some of the outdoor elements to your ducted air conditioning unit are the air conditioner coils and evaporator coils. They will collect dust and dirt over their years of use as you would expect. They are still required to be cleared to remove the dirt that has been accrued even though filters will assist the coils from soiling rapidly.

For the smooth running of your air conditioner, this job is not the most pleasant but is crucial. It can lead to overheating which could result in further breakdowns of your air conditioner down the track if it is not cleaned.

When to call in for a professional

Though you may think that your ducted air conditioner is working, the efficiency of your unit declines gradually. Until you are trying to cool or heat your home and the air conditioner just cannot do it as you may not even realize the extent of warning.

Your air conditioner needs to be maintained properly and serviced regularly just like your car or lawnmower. The motor is required to work harder which will eventually lead to it burning out when you neglect your engine and filters.

By enlisting the help of a qualifies professional once a year to inspect for any restrictions causing lack of performance and efficiency, ensure that your ducted air conditioner is running to its full potential.

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