At this day and age, most of the people use mobile phones almost all the time to browse the internet and visit different websites to gather info or look for new product launches. With such an extensive and consistent focus on mobile users by fashion brands, Instagram seems to provide them with an incredible advantage.

Instagram is a platform that is extensively used by fashion brands all over the world. This is because:

  • It is a visual platform that allows posting and sharing pictures and videos that helps in endorsing the fashion product in the right way and at the right moment.
  • The platform easily synchronizes with the trending fashion and demand which is the fundamental process for building and promoting a fashion brand on Instagram.
  • They can reach out to a huge crowd in an instant and most of them happen to be engaged customers as compared to other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and others.

Talking about engagement, in fact, Instagram posts receive 60 times more responses as compared to that posted on Facebook and almost 120 times more than Twitter in terms of visibility.

Once again, it is the use of consistent and captivating pictures of products on Instagram that happens to be the primary reason behind the massive online presence that this platform provides.

1. Ways to attract traffic

Ways to attract traffic

There are different ways in which you can urge the followers for Instagram to visit your fashion site. All these are proven to be effective. All you have to do is choose the best way suitable for your specific type of product and brand.

  • First, you will have to get familiarized with all of the useful and crucial features of Instagram before you start using it to endorse your fashion products. If you are well versed you will find it easier to deal with each feature. Recently, the platform released Instagram for Business. This feature offers seamless service such as brand spotlights, API examples, excellent promotional tips, and the latest news from an Instagram desk. All these will boost your product promotions to a great extent.
  • Next, you should focus on highlighting consumer-generated contents. This is because everyone loves to be recognized and therefore when you mention your consumers in your stream it will naturally raise the trust level in them bestow value and an overwhelming feeling of excitement. They will then more readily promote your fashion brand among their vast network of family and friends.
  • Thirdly, you should ensure on cross-promoting your brand and product on different social profiles to take the maximum advantage of all your social media channels and network to drive more traffic on Instagram from your Facebook and Twitter accounts.
  • Fourthly, a major part of your focus should be on researching for the appropriate hashtag for your product and using it. This is the best way to endorse your products as well as get connected to your users as well as others in the fashion community. You can use the most popular and existing hashtags or customize a few according to your product to grab the attention of new followers. Just keep in mind that the hashtags should be relevant to your fashionable products and unique.
  • Next, you may also consider leveraging YouTube while posting short videos of fashionable accessories and products on Instagram. This will also help you a great deal in directing your followers to the YouTube channel and get all the relevant details of products that they are looking for.
  • You may also consider attaching a product-oriented video in your blog. This is one of the most effective and efficient ways to attract new users very quickly. This technique in terms of marketing is in fact considered to be the unique selling point for any type of fashion business.
  • Lastly and most importantly, you must follow your followers back because these users who choose to follow your fashion brand on Instagram may become your valuable customers. If you follow your followers you will be able to maintain a longterm relationship with them very easily and gain a lot of benefits.

All these points if taken into consideration while creating your Instagram account for your fashion business will help you to go ahead with your business and product promotion with confidence and conquer.

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2. A fashion trendsetter

A fashion trendsetter
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Instagram is in fact the most powerful fashion force and a trendsetter that will also boost sales. According to Lyst, the global fashion search platform, it is found and listed in their Year in Fashion Report 2018 that:

  • About 80 million shoppers in almost 120 countries usually take the cue of the product to buy from Instagram.
  • It, however, makes a lot of sense because this highly visual platform is perfect to inspire new users, trends and promote a way of life beyond the rack. This is because the platform blends visual and community dimensions.
  • The report also suggested that celebrities and their outfits are the most powerful influencers that shape what your customers will look like and want to buy online.

It is also found that this link is essential to make the users feel that they belong to a group, according to the reports of The Conversation.

One more significant thing for the fashion brands to like Instagram for promoting their brand and products is the Shoppable posts feature as well as the influencer marketing opportunity that it provides. This makes it easier for them to showcase their brand on Instagram.

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3. Overcoming the challenges

A fashion trendsetter
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However, there are a few challenges that you may face in getting your fashionable products seen on this platform leave alone selling it to your target audience. There is a lot of competition in this that you may find difficult to beat and keep up with the fast pace of changes that the fashion world is known for.

Therefore, make sure that you have a clearly defined, strong, failsafe and well-craftedInstagram strategy that is fashion focused and different from other marketing strategies.

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