What Is An Ad Server And How Does It Work?

Ad server or ad tracking system or ad- serving technology refers to the technological web-based system that is responsible for the hosting, optimizing as well as for the distribution of the advertising contents all over the websites, mobile apps as well as to different social media platforms. Also being referred to as the “campaign management […]

How Can Block Chain Transform Mobility Industry

Across finance, healthcare, technology, and other industry sectors, blockchain has proven immensely disruptive. The technology is making strides and making itself felt with unparalleled capabilities. Mobility, a sector perpetually rife with challenges, is exploring the use of blockchain. Fortunately, technology offers solutions to some of the pressing challenges in the sector. In the U.S alone the mobility […]

5 Factors To Consider When Selecting A Computer Service Repair company

Having a functional computer means at one time you will need to seek the support of a computer repair company or expert because all our computers are destructible. Finding the best professional you trust will give you confidence. However, getting such an expert might be a challenge to many. There are suggested factors that you […]

Six Tech Innovators to Follow in 2020

TED have allowed some tricky subjects to be opened up to the masses and explored further. People are clearly keen to learn about diverse subjects, and the viewing rates of 2019’s favourite tech related TED talks prove an unrivalled enthusiasm. Together, let’s take a look at our very favourite motivational speakers in the tech industry […]