Sub Zero Manufactures the Wolf Warming Drawers. The Warming drawer is a household device intended to keep a warm temperature to keep your food warm up to three hours without drying leftovers. Most of the people use the warming drawer more than they use the microwave. It follows two primary purposes in humans life: to accommodate in a busy schedule and to keep food warm while interesting guests.

The large capability drawer will simply heat plates and dishes for an oversized gathering of friends or family and therefore the clever ‘proof’ setting permits dough to rise quickly and dependably on every occasion.

The Best Warming Drawers:

Sub Zero wolf manufactures the best product for their customers. if this can be a feature you think that would be helpful in your kitchen, by all means, raise your sales associate to include a warming drawer into your Kitchen room.


You will be able to acquire a warming drawer in either a detached or a slide-in vary. A detached vary has finished sides with controls on a yard behind the preparation surface. A slide-in range is intended to slip over your counter high to form an intrinsical look with the controls on the front.


Wolf ICBWWD30 may be a premium whole renowned for manufacturing high-quality cookery product. This warming drawer is panel-ready which means you’ll be able to integrate this appliance into your cupboard style, or purchase stainless-steel panels and handles. Wolf has several advanced options as well as planned and variable temperature management, planned automatic shut-off, rest day Mode, Full-length needle bearing drawer glide, and approved for its outdoor use.

Features Of ICBWWD30 Warming Drawer-

      • Stainless steel interior.
      • Removable stainless steel drawer for easy cleaning.
      • Removable stainless steel rack for plates or dishes.
      • Full length, ball carrying drawer slides.
      • 850-watt heating element.
      • Star K approved.
      • Towels can be used to heat.
      • Optional 6 piece stainless steel container set.

Why Do We Need a Warming Drawer?

If you and your family have an on-the-go way, it should be tough to seek out a time when you will have a sit-downmeal along. luckily, the warming drawer makes it attainable for families to have recent meals despite their busy schedules. All you have got to try and do is place the plate into the drawer and you’ll have a hot, tasty dish in no time.

Warming drawers are nice for simply heating up empty cups and dishes on cold days. That way, your freshly ready food, and hot beverages keep the heat as you enjoy your meal.

There are even uses for warming drawers on the far side the kitchen. Install one in your master suite or restroom and have a warm towel waiting anytime you exit of the shower. It doesn’t get additional luxurious.

Best Way to use your Warming Drawer:

It may not be apparent to you, however, that drawer at the lowest of your range is a warming drawer. we have a tendency to wouldn’t be shocked if you were shocked. most people tend to use it as a cookware and pan storage, never realizing it’s the true purpose. however, KitchenAid Warming Drawers are nice tools to possess when cooking, particularly once it’s for additional individuals than simply yourself. exploitation yours the proper approach could assist you keep food from getting cold, proof dough, and even slow cook!

      • Keep food warm without drying out:

The most obvious reason to use a KitchenAid Warming Drawer is to stay food from obtaining cold. If you’re a change of state dinner for your family and friends, putting the food within the warming drawer can stop the food from going chilly and you having to heat it up once more. Also, the KitchenAid Warming Drawer comes with a device Temperature management that helps stop the food from drying out. No got to worry concerning overcooked food!

      • Slow cook while not a cooker

With a KitchenAid Slow Cook Warming Drawer, you may notice that your room is instantly additional versatile. you’ll use it to heat multiple dishes however it conjointly options a slow cook operate ideal for cooking beef and poultry. No got to purchase multiple crock pots, simply use your KitchenAid Slow Cook Warming Drawer as one.