Everything that you need is on fingertips in today’s world, thanks to your cell phone. Through mobile phone learning and education is available to all, you can skip long boring lessons and learn any skill at your own pace and schedule without ever having to leave your house. As a beginner, you can learn the digital piano for beginners through these amazing piano learning apps with ease.

Out of hundreds of Android and iPhone apps designed for learning to play the piano, we have reviewed the 10 most amazing apps for you.

1. Pianist HD:

PianistHD is the right app for you if you want to learn piano at your own pace. The app will teach you on a virtual keyboard.  The virtual piano is designed to mimic an actual piano, you can also turn an authentic vibration feature to get the real feel when hitting the keys.

The app is available to download google play store for free.

2. Piano Lessons:

This app is designed to cater to children, beginners, and more advanced level players at the same time. You can select your level of expertise when you download the app. A library of video lessons can be accessed through the app making it more useful for the piano players.

You can get this app for free on Google Play store and learn to play your favourite songs.

3. Magic White Piano: Music Tiles:

This piano app is based on the concept of learning through games, it features daily challenges and bonuses to keep you attracted. You can learn to play your favourite songs.

A virtual piano is part of the package where you can practice newly learned skills. It features impressive sound effects,  that set this app apart from other apps. You can layer on applying the skill learned on a digital piano for beginners to further polish your skills.

You can get this App for Free on the iTunes App Store.

4. Yousician:

One of the best apps out there, especially for the beginners. It starts teaching piano from finger position coaching, which is not available in most apps.

So, the app won’t just get you started on learning your favourite song instead it includes lessons to learn to read sheet music and naming of keys and chords. You can compete with your friends in game mode or you can play for leaderboard rankings and achievements.

It is available Free on the iTunes App Store.

5. Simply Piano by JoyTunes

Another great app by JoyTunes, the simple piano app is designed especially for busy people, who still want to play the piano in their free time. It provides daily challenges and allows you to start with the sheet music.

The best feature of this app is listening, while you play it listens to your music and points out your weaker areas also suggest improvements.

The app is available for free download on the iTunes App Store and Google Play

6. Magic Piano

This app is made for you if you don’t have a piano and you really want to learn to play. While you learn on a virtual keyboard on your phone or tablet, you will get the most life-like experience possible. It will help you learn and recognize notes, timing, and rhythm.

Probably, the best thing about this App is the game feature, it is very interactive and educational, you can learn new songs every day as an achievement in game mode. After you have learnt the piano playing skills, you can use them to play digital piano for beginners.

The app is available on both the iTunes App store and Google play for free.

7. Piano Maestro by JoyTunes

Award-winning app developers design the App Piano Maestro “JoyTunes,” It is a very engaging and effective app for learning piano. It allows you to practice until you master, and you will surely notice an improvement in your performance when you will use it regularly.

Also, this App was chosen as the best educational App by Apple. Moreover, many piano teachers around the world recommend this app as a resource lesson.

You can download it free on iTunes App Store.

8. FlowKey

The App FlowKey help you to learn and enhance skills at the same time, it will teach you the finger positions and hand movements on piano through exercises. Also, many YouTubers and teacher around the world recommend this app as it helps a great deal in leaning digital piano for beginners.

It is available for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play store.

9. Note Quest: Piano Flash Cards

The Note Quest App guarantees that you will learn piano in 30 days, it includes several flash cards dedicated for note reading and sight reading. The flashcards cater to both beginner and expert level piano players. Do the drills regularly to improve your level of expertise from beginner to professional.

The app is available for Free on the iTunes App Store.

10. Piano Quiz

The app Piano Quiz is focused on developing recognition for the musical pitch. It comes with a variety of exercises both theoretical and practical, you can customize exercises as per your learning goals and level of expertise.

It can be downloaded Free from the iTunes App Store.

Final words:

Learning music is not just about learning the skill, it therapeutic and meditative, music is not just for ears it is created for hearts. So if you want to learn the skill of playing piano, the use these apps and apply then to play the digital piano for beginners and move ahead to an advanced instrument.