Life is busy and there is always a lot to do. With work, school, children’s activities, birthdays, dinners, vet appointments and much more in our daily lives, it’s hard to find the time to breathe and relax. Some people like to have different activities to do every day. Others appreciate the hours spent watching Netflix once a week. But no matter how much you like or do not like to have free time, there is one thing most people can agree on: they hate to clean up.

If you are one of those strange people who find therapeutic cleansing, you can stop reading this blog now. But if you are like a large majority of the population, cleaning is something you hate.

You avoid it at all costs and when it can no longer be avoided, you spend hours cleaning your house and hating it every minute. Some people hate cleaning but know how much it is needed. They set a time each week to clean their house. Depending on the size of the house, it can take hours.

Imagine if these hours spent cleaning suddenly became your free time, think about what you would be able to do. If cleaning is really one of your least favorite things to do, then stop doing it.

Life is too short to do things that we all hate (except work because it’s important), so why not take advantage of a few free hours each week instead of cleaning them? With Service Solutions, you can clean your house in Wellington week after week, while enjoying your day.

Service Solutions offers house cleaning services, from spot cleaning to post-construction cleaning, but when you hire us for recurring residential cleaning, you’ll have a clean home without having to clean yourself!

It’s a pretty magical thought, is not it? So what would you do with your overtime free time each week?

In this blog, we’ll go over some of the many things that you finally have time to do!

Head to Walt Disney World

If you live in Wellington, you’ve probably had your fair share of Disney World, but that does not mean you can not go there just to enjoy the free time you have now! Your children will be delighted that you can go to Disney World rather than clean the house all Sunday.

Driving is not so bad and you can spend hours in this magical place: going for walks, attending shows, meeting princesses and spending quality time with your family. It’s probably been years since you’ve had time to go to Disney World, but now, with Service Solutions, you have time!

Hit the Beach

Another favorite of Wellington, the beach has been calling you for months. Now that you have hired a cleaning company, you can spend the day on the warm sand, watch the kids play in the water and relax in the sun.

Bring a book to read, a football to pass and a picnic not to leave the beach for any reason. You can finally spend the whole day playing at the beach, watching the sunset and admiring the stars scattered in the ocean.

Shopping Spree

The fact that you have not started your New Year’s resolution in January does not mean you can not start now! Not having enough time is one of the most popular excuses that people use for not going to the gym. Now that we’re helping you clean your house, you’ll have time to get to the gym and train!

Lift weights, run on the treadmill, head to a yoga class and spend a few hours at the gym! It’s a great way to start working on your New Year’s resolutions and you finally have the time. No excuses now!

Go To Spa

You will not have to spend your Sunday cleaning the house, what are you going to do with it? We suggest you relax. Do not just hire us to find more tasks to do. Rendez-vous at your favorite spa and enjoy a manicure, a massage and a facial.

You can relax, pamper yourself and go home to a clean house! Does it sound good or what? Spend time enjoying a day for yourself rather than cleaning your house for the whole family.

Read a Book

Many people like to read but never have the time. If that’s your case, hiring cleaners can give you more time to do what you love, like reading. Take your favorite book, head to a nearby park and lose yourself in different stories.

Or maybe you are an aspiring writer, it would be the perfect time to start working on your book. Spend the extra hours you now have each week writing and working on your book. Now you have no more excuses for not getting into your masterpiece!

Study up for Football

The football season has just ended, but there is still much to prepare for the next season of Fantasy Football. Start watching college games, study new players, and make sure you watch rough drafts.

You want to beat your colleagues this year and it will be easy once you have studied and memorized all the information, the players and other statistics. Studying a few hours each week can help you become the ultimate Fantasy Football player, you can win everything!

Have Family Time

It can be difficult to spend time with family these days. With both parents working, with each child participating in a dozen different activities and everyone’s program being as different as possible, it is not surprising that families spend less and less time together.

But while Service Solutions, expert house cleaners in Wellington helps and gives your home the attention it needs, you can spend time with your family and do what your family likes to do. Go have lunch at your favorite place, go to a park, go to the beach, go see a movie you wanted to see or do whatever you want.

Enjoy Your Hobby

Nowadays, we seldom have time to enjoy our hobbies. With all the rest, it’s easy to forget to do the things we like to do. While we clean your house, spend time painting, photographing, knitting or doing everything you love!

Whatever you want to have more time, Service Solutions can help you. Our recurring services allow you to clean your home once a week, every two weeks or every month, which gives you more free time to do what you want and allows you to go home to a clean house.

If you want to know more about carpet cleaners, then visit our website. Learn more about Service Solutions and contact us today!