When you have to decide the best kind of school for your son, you will have to think about a lot of stuff. The first thing that you have to choose is whether you would want to put him in a co-ed school or the same sex one. While you would have heard about a lot of the benefits that a co-educational school provides, you should also be aware of the benefits of the same sex school so that you are able to make a wise and informed decision.

In the history of western education, single-sex education has a long past.  People have been founding these schools and people have been putting students in their care from a long time ago. They have never failed to fulfill the necessary requirements that a normal co-ed school might have provided to the students. In many cases, these schools have also been able to bring out the best from their students because of such an environment.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider putting your son in a boys’ school.

  • With much research, it was actually found that boys learn about stuff quite differently than girls. So in co-educational institutions, the manner in which they teach their students isn’t the most effective one. In a boys’ school, however, the teachers are known to teach just boys on a regular basis, so they are quite trained and experienced on how to teach boys in the most efficient way. They know all about the special techniques that can be implemented to make the boys learn faster and better. In this way, they are able to achieve optimal results from them.
  • In a boys’ school, the total focus is on boys. With no kind of distractions that the other sex generally offers in most co-ed adolescent groups, the boys can put their entire focus on their studies. The staffs are able to give their entire attention to the needs of the boys. Young men often enjoy a variety of physical activities than girls, so in these schools, all these activities can be provided. They also develop at a different pace than girls, so in an all-boys environment, they feel more comfortable.
  • The social pressure in a co-ed school is much higher than the same sex school. It is well known that boys mature at a much later age than girls. Thus it becomes a bit difficult for boys to deal with girls on a regular basis by relating to them. This adds to the extra stress in the early adolescent stages for the boys which not really necessary. But in a boys’ school, these boys are able to build their confidence without any kind of social distractions.
  • It has been noticed in all the boys’ boarding schools Dehradun that the boys participate in all form of non-traditional activities and subjects. They don’t shy away from joining choirs or the orchestra just because they might be wrongfully considered not masculine. Here they can break the stereotypes and be whoever they want to be and follow their wishes without any judgment.