Reporting is the technique of showcasing the data, analytics or the insights in readable, understandable and presentable manner. Reporting is mostly done with a specific aim and to solve a particular purpose. The objective of reporting is to ensure that a certain insight be it in the form of percentage, ratios etc. reaches the right people. For example, we make project reports, but project reports also fall under various different categories. Some project reports tell us about the current status of the project while some reports also tell us about how the project will shape up in the future. So, it all depends on the data and the kind of answers that we require from the data. However, now, reporting is no longer a complete manual tasks, as there are tools or solutions like Pentaho reporting that help the businesses to get accurate reports.

Pentaho BI is one of the most preferred reporting tool for the businesses across the world. It contains several latest features that help the companies to perform data analytics. Based on the data analytics, Pentaho also makes reports for the businesses, and these reports are used by the companies to make better decisions and strategies.

Listed below are a few of the best ways to make the most of Pentaho reporting:

  • Make a plan, know your purpose

Before doing any data analytics, it is always suggested to know what the purpose of the data analytics is and how is it solving our problems. We need to have a very powerful data analytics plan in place to make sure that the results of the analytics are utilized properly. Therefore, the companies should always focus on creating a plan that includes your purpose of the probable reports that you need. For example, whether you want quality reports to improve the quality of the project or whether you want to know the respective quality scores of every member of the team to understand who needs to work on his or her quality the most. So, basically, reporting needs to have a plan, as then only the answers in the Pentaho reports will help you to solve the purpose.

  • Create multiple, detailed reports

Sometimes, creating just one big report isn’t enough. We need to make multiple, detailed reports in order to find the answers to our questions. With Pentaho, you can create multiple reports, based on different data analytics. And, then you can further use such reports to find out the insights or stats that will help you improve the performance of the business or a project. And, there is no doubt about the fact that Pentaho reporting enables the users to make better decisions, which are backed by the insights mentioned in the reports.

  • Use reports for BI

The main purpose of using Pentaho BI is to get the BI insights. Therefore, you whole focus should be to make the most of reports, in order to get the best insights for business intelligence. As, BI further helps the experts to prepare the roadmap for improvement or growth. BI makes it easier for the companies to make powerful and much more efficient business strategies. At the end of the day, it is important for every business to find out the problem areas, and Pentaho lets the users identify the weak areas, and it also offers the companies ways to improve and move ahead.

Pentaho BI Report Designers has been a top choice of the industry since its inception as it is turning out to be very useful for the businesses across the world. Therefore, the use of Pentaho reporting or Pentaho BI is expected to only increase.